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About Us

SINCE the 1980's

King Eggroll Express is a family-owned Chinese and Vietnamese fast-food restaurant established in 2015 and proudly serving the Bay Area.

Our history

Our story begins in the 1980s, when the Tran family moved to San Jose, CA from Vietnam. Striving to make a living to support 8 children in a brand new country, Ung and Lanh cultivated their own recipes that embody Vietnamese and Chinese blends of flavor and culture. After perfecting the eggroll recipe, they worked countless days and nights preparing, selling, and delivering eggrolls out of their van to restaurants. Soon after, the Tran family opened the very first King Eggroll in 1988.

As the King Eggroll name grew popular around the Bay Area, we wanted to share more of our family's recipes and roots. We were inspired to expand into another restaurant that emphasized express service and style. With this, King Eggroll Express opened in 2015. We are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers!

Our specialities

For over 40 years, our family's eggrolls paired with our housemade sweet & sour sauce has been a staple at every party event in the Bay Area. We love serving and bringing people together with our food!

To show our love and gratitude to our customers, we are open on ALL holidays so that you can bring our special recipes for your family and friends to enjoy. 

Please be mindful that we are busy on holidays. We kindly recommend to place orders at least 24 hours in advance.